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I played Metamorphosis Alpha & GammaWorld "WAY BACK" when it first hit the shelves in the late 70's. I haven't played in years.  I have recently obtained the all 5 editions of Gamma World, including all of the supplements.  I already have a couple of players!

First, if you are looking for a "serious" Science-Fiction game, where the rules of science exist, you would be better off looking elsewhere.  GAMMA WORLD is Science-Fantasy!  The strict rules of science are constantly broken in this game.

This site will focus on the 1st and 2nd editions of Gamma World, with additions / items from the 3rd and 4th editions. Everything will be converted to the 1st/2nd edition format.

Why am I focusingon the 1st / 2nd editions?
I personally find the 1st/2nd edition rules to be fairly simple, straight-forward, and uncomplicated.  These editions also allow fast and painless conversions of critters/items from other Game Systems. I mean, who really cares what the "perception, stealth, etc." is of a critter anyway?  They are there to give the players a hard time!  Otherwise, why would the referee throw them at the party anyway? O.K., sure this fluff is always "nice to know" but not required to eat, mash or mangle the PCs.  At this site, my critters section only has what is required to play/run.  There are also NO "classes" in the 1 through 3rd editions of Gamma World!  You can play your character in any fashion you see fit.

This is also the time when Gamma Worldwas at it's most dangerous/lawless/chaotic period.  Human/mutantkind is still scratching and clawing their way-up from living under the rocks and tearing each-others throats out!  Every "Thing" is fighting just to survive!  Later editions of Gamma World re-introduced civilization as a main-stay with political borders, (even steam-powered trains!) etc. (Sure, this existed in 1st/2nd editions also, but it was still rare), and also allowed mutated plant Player-Characters.... NOT!  I believe that ALL plants of all sorts/sex/religion are strictly one of the "Hazards"of Gamma World (meaning, more wierd critters to throw at the characters). It makes a casual "stroll through the woods" take on a totally different meaning.  No more sending "little red riding hood" to visit grandma! She would probably end up in the gullet of some plant reminescent of "little shop of horrors".....FEED ME!

I also like the 1st edition "Artifact Chart",where a character may spend "hours or days" trying to figure out what he believes to be a "mighty artifact", only to have it turn out to be a toaster or fire extinguisher. This has brought lots of fun and laughter to the game;  Especially when the Referee describes the item(s) in terms that only the character would know.

For example: "You find a rusted metal cylinder that is approximately one meter long.  Sticking out of one end, a strange-looking piece of metal has a nograin funnel attached to a nograin rope".  The character (and most probably the player) starts scratching his head.....  "What the Hell is this thing?" (scratch, scratch). Now the FUN starts!  The character decides to lug this 10 kg. "thing" around, until he finds time to figure it out.  After several days of spending a couple hours a day (bad rolls) of poking/prodding/sniffing,etc... he figures it out!  IT IS A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!  (Everyone howls with laughter!)  Then he finds out that it was discharged and is worthless! (More peels of laughter from Referee..) Character shrugs and chunks it over his shoulder... "Ahhh! I got tired of lugging it around anyway..." Of course, he could always try to sell it to some Archivist or someone.  Don't poke any metal rocks!

In other words, 1st/2nd editions is totally chaotic!

I created a whole new MAPof the 1st Edition Gamma World in color, using the Grid Map Program based on the old original map.


30 Sep 2011- Updated the links in the links section

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17 Jan 02- Added a new Critter to the Library! (Telbesh)
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9 Aug 00-Got frustrated with Tripod and deleted all of the various counter formats. They are still available at the counterspage.  Updated the Introduction.
7 Aug 00-Fixed the counters and added them in html/.doc/.pdf formats.
20 Jul 00-Added Link to Abaddon,a Computer RPG based on Gamma World and Wasteland! FREE!!!
19 Jul 00- Added countersfor GAMMA WORLD!!  Since miniatures are practically impossible to find anymore, and TSR never produced counters, I made some!  I also added PCDEATH Section.
9 May 00- Added the GW SkillSystem 02 to the Skills Page! Thanks to Lord Irish!!
20 Apr 00- Added Tim Golioto's"RADIOACTIVE" site to my Sites section.  I alsoadded some excell spreadsheets for 4th Edition.  These weredesigned by BaddKarma8@aol.comThey are in the "Downloads" Section
31 Mar 00- Changed my email address to david.little@us.army.mil
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4 Feb 00- Changed link to Zorone'sPBeMSite.
25 Jan 00- I have added a pictureof my wife & I to the site.
24 Jan 00- Added pages for theNew Mexico Campaign: Kyeote,SantaFe, Lordsburg,and added a map for the "MoonBase" in "A World Gone Mad: The Moon of the GAMMA WORLD® ógameóBy James M. Ward (Dragon Magazine, Vol. IX, No. 1, Issue 86, June 1984,Pages 74-76).  You may use any of these maps, but please give me creditfor the work!
14 Jan 00- Cholfgot accepted for his first PBeM!(This will be the first time I'm a player in GW for 20 years!)
5 Jan 00- Corrected link to theRealms of Millenium site, added Gamma World Poll and scroll bar, and correctedmy German language Index!
4 Jan 00- Added the "GWSkills System 01", for 1st/2nd Editions.  I would like to makethis a combined project! Send me your additions and ideas!
4 Jan 00- Added the "NPCFast-Kill" table.
4 Jan 00- Added A (4th Ed) PlayerCharacter - hopefully he will be included in a PBeM...
30 Dec 99- Added GermanTranslation of this page, and updated a couple of links.
29 Dec 99- Added "What's New" Portion,updated and changed the format of the index page (you probably just readit).
29 Dec 99-added "TheCritter Library"!  This will probably be under constant construction...
(Coming not as soon!)- Shadows! - An adventure for Gamma World, set in an Ancient site. (where else?)


CharacterSheet (4th edition)-This is a zipfile which contains several Microsoft excel spreadsheets for 4th Edition. Character Sheets, etc.. They were designed by BaddKarma8@aol.com

Countersfor GAMMA WORLD!


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Stumbling onto Tormentor's site is what caused me to remember Gamma World! As you probably notice, I use the same background as Tormentor's site.

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